Webinar: The Value of DMOs

Best Practices for Official DMO Websites & Visitor Guides During the COVID-19 Crisis

Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 3pm ET

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Join Destination Analysts and Miles Partnership on Thursday, February 25 at 3pm ET, for a webinar on best practices for official DMO websites and visitor guides during the COVID-19 crisis. This presentation will summarize invaluable takeaways from two of the largest ever studies into the reach, impact and influence of DMO websites and visitor guides. The webinar will share how these channels are essential to your communications along with the content types, features and functionality that will help drive the recovery in your destination. Attendees will also hear from Elizabeth Fogarty, Director of Visit Grand Junction, and Heather LeMoine, Marketing and Research Manager of North Dakota Tourism, on their website and visitor guide strategies during the crisis and heading into recovery.  Tune in for valuable insights you won't want to miss!

About the Research Studies:

1. The DMA West Visitor Guide Readership & Conversion Study updated a similar study undertaken in 2014 and was undertaken across 12 CVB Visitor Guides by Destination Analysts for DMA West and in conjunction with Miles Partnership. A year-long study of 12 separate CVB Visitor Guides – it summarizes the readership of 12 separate DMO visitor guides, actual visitation impacted by the these guides and the content types that are most influential.

2. The Value of DMO Website Study included over 60 DMO websites and was a free of charge research study that began in May 2020 by Destination Analysts. This largest ever multi DMO website study was undertaken complimentary by Destination Analysts with support from Miles Partnership and includes critical insights on the use of DMO websites during the COVID-19 crisis by locals, visitors and other key stakeholders.